Saturday, May 19, 2018

Egg Drop: Last call for materials!

Hello Families! Thank you for the donations we have had thus far. We will be designing our contraptions on Tuesday this week and building on Thursday. We have so many boxes, but if anyone has any of the following they could donate, it would be very helpful:

1. string or yarn
2. tape-all kinds
3. anything soft students can use for padding

Thanks for your support! 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Egg Drop Recycled Materials

Hi Room 4 Families! Next week we will be building contraptions for an egg drop. If you have any materials (other than bubble wrap) that we can use-especially materials for padding, please send them in.It would be great to start thinking about ideas with your child at home. Students will be in groups of three for this. Thanks!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Eggcellent Experiments

This past week in science students participated in some fun egg experiments and did some great learning about embryos, mother hens and incubators, and the shell of an egg. We learned that the shell is both porous and very strong. To learn about the strength of the shell, we did an egg squeeze and piled books on top of 4 eggs to see how much weight they could hold (18 books and no mess!). We also tried a student and it held her! If your child hasn't already shared the experiment with you, make sure you ask him/her. 

Our new writing unit actually ties into our embryology unit. Students will work in pairs to write a research paper about an embryo, chick, or chicken. Students have reviewed texts features and practiced using them thus far. This week, we will be choosing our topics and start to gather information.

In math we will start a unit on coins this week. Students will review the penny and dime and learn about the nickle and quarter. Students will practice adding and subtracting coins and have the experience or ordering things on a menu and at a store.

In ELA students are working on /the pattern: /ou/ and /ow/. Our memory words are: warm, walk, give, once, done. Our literacy coach has told us to skip unit 7 of Superkids, and finish the year with 8 and 9, so if you see incomplete workbooks come home, this is why. We are already ahead of where we were last year and are working on skills students will review in 2nd grade. When the workbooks come home, feel free to work on the sections we skipped, but do not feel like you need to. The end of the year will be spent reviewing. Students are in a great place!


Please return permission slips ASAP. We need the Art museum permission slip back no later than Wednesday, May 16th.

Wish List: Extra class snack

Monday, May 7, 2018


Our Embryology science and writing unit start this week. We pick up our eggs from the farm on Thursday morning! Here's a video the students will watch quite a bit throughout the unit:

Monday, April 30, 2018

Spring is (finally) here!

Spring weather is here! Students are feeling it and the energy has picked up. It is getting a little harder to focus in the classroom. Please encourage your child to finish out the year strong.

Looking ahead here are some things on our calendar: 

5/9-1:20 release
5/14 and 9/29-garden with Farmer Leila
5/23-Visualizing Teaching Strategy field trip with Mattone's 2nd grade class, led by our shared ELL teacher, Molly Watkins @ Smith College gallery.
5/28-Memorial Day (no school)
6/15-Mill River, End of Year Celebration (tentative)

Here's a look at our learning this week and into next:

ELA-R controlled vowels and oi/oy.

Math-Story problems: solving for the missing part, writing the question in (what are we looking for?), 3 addends.

Writing-poetry: animal poems, color poems, acrostic poems.

*Embryology will start next week and eggs will arrive on the 10th.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

New Friends in Room 4

Hello and happy Spring! Your child may have mentioned to you that we have had a number of new friends recently join our class. Four in the last month. We are thrilled to have so many diverse new learners that bring new languages to our class and share their cultures with us. I have been so impressed with the empathy I have seen from our students and how helpful they have been in acclimating them to our classroom and school. 

Assessment season has begun and my hope is to get through them before the weather becomes sunny. We will all want some more outside time at that point. Until then, each assessment will be given one-on-one due to the assessments we use in first grade, so it will require some patience and take some time with 22 students. We will do BAS for reading, letter name/ID for some, math-2 parts(structuring and place value AVMR). 

In reading, students are doing "R controlled vowels" or "Bossy R". Words with ar, or, ir, er, and ur. Students' new memory words are: cold, know, does, laugh, both, again. We are working on paraphrasing and summarizing through our comprehension toolkit work. In writing students continue to learn about poetry. We are starting to write poetry about animals and encourage students to have fun and write in a playful creative way as a poet. 

In math we have been working on creating graphs and reading graphs. Students have done a fantastic job! It has been a lot of fun gathering data on things like how many pockets we have, favorite food, ice cream and color. Today we start working on story problems.

Looking ahead, we will be getting the eggs on May 10th to start our embryology unit. This is many students favorite part of first grade. Students learn a lot and are very engaged during the unit and excitement builds as we get closer to the expected date of the chicks hatching. 

Wish List: Chlorox wipes for the table, class snack, glue sticks, large white construction paper.

Friday, April 13, 2018

What's Next?

Today students will have earned a fun day, after a spelling and math assessment yesterday and a Superkids assessment this morning! Students also filled their pom-pom jar for great behavior and showing CARE. So they have earned some extra recess and a video that connects to our poetry unit. I will read them a poem and then watch the video. We have just finished up a math and Superkids unit and are in the middle of poetry. Here's a quick look at where we are headed with Superkids and math after vacation:

In reading students will start the /oy/ and /oi/ word patterns. They will learn to read and write words like boy, toy, soil and boil. Students will practice the memory words: cold, know, does, laugh, both, again. We will be working on comprehension with some non-fiction text as well and follow up on paraphrasing from a previous comprehension lesson. Please keep up all the great reading you are doing over vacation. I am so impressed with the reading I am seeing at school!

In math we have wrapped up our place value unit, but will review some of this content at the end of the year. After break we will start data collection, graphing and stories problems, where students are asked to solve for different parts of an equation.

Have a fantastic Spring Break!